Flexo plates for flexible packaging and wallpapers | Laser Flex
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Flexo plates for flexible packaging and wallpapers

Do you have print runs of million copies and want to avoid problems with color match?


You need printing plates which can provide:

  • Stable and excellent printing quality of halftone dots and solid plates even at very high print runs
  • Perfect ink transfer and optimized optical density of ink layer when working with water-based inks


Place an order for photopolymer flexo plates and obtain an unsurpassed printing result on flexible packaging from polyethylene bags to films and aluminum foil and even wallpaper!

We will provide you with a photopolymer that is optimal in terms of rigidity for your equipment and the type of the printed material. And your packaging will please the consumer with its exceptional legibility of the printed text, bright and saturated colors as well as smooth color gradation.

It will be hard to leave such a product unnoticed!

We also know how to design wallpaper. Design of any kind, delicate cutting line of the image for continuous printing and at least five colors will help you become a manufacturer of exclusive wallpapers.

Place an order for the right plate and print the way you wish!

Would you like to order photopolymer forms for printing flexible labels and wallpapers?