Printing forms for pad printing and embossing of souvenir products | Laser Flex
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Printing forms for pad printing and embossing of souvenir products

It is always nice to receive gifts even if they are trivial. But the most pleasant thing about this is understanding that you are holding a unique small thing chosen especially for you.


Such kinds of printing service as embossing and pad printing give exclusivity to any product made of leather, ceramics, plastic, glass and other materials.


The embossing effect achieved by the material deformation using a relief polymer plate can be attributed to the most pretentious types of the product refinement. The combination of the process with the application of the foil allows obtaining an unsurpassed result as the “deformed” texture provides a different reflection of the light beam from the structure of the embossed image. Hot foil embossing is used for a variety of flatwork applications like the packaging for cosmetics, confectioneries and beverages, book covers and various printing products.


Pad printing is also a highly preferable decoration and branding method of different products from stationary and office supplies to products made of wood and ceramics. The photopolymer plates for pad printing will help you solve tasks at different levels of complexity, provide high efficiency and excellent printing quality with a good contrast and high resolution for the smallest details. The proposed range of photopolymers offers you the ones that are comparable to steel printing plates in wear resistance.


Do not restrain yourself from decorating the world around!

Would you like to order photopolymer forms for tampon printing and stamping of souvenirs?