Flexo plates for security printing and special types of printing | Laser Flex
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Flexo plates for security printing and special types of printing

The production of securities and specific blanks require a distinctive marking for protection against forgery. Several types of printing that use state-of-the-art technologies are often applied.


Plates for special types of printing are made from the soft photopolymer plates that enable you:


  • to perform the spot varnishing and print on ready-made banknotes with fluorescent inks;
  • to ensure a high level of securities protection against forgery due to the reproduction of the smallest details of the image;
  • to provide ideal ink transfer on soft and uneven surfaces using solid plates with perfect optical density.


Are you looking for printing plates for a specific application?


Pay attention to the offered range of products when placing the order to select the right printing plates that are ideal for precise printing, because printing of watermarks and micro fonts is considered to be a jewelry work without any exaggeration!

Would you like to order photopolymer forms for printing securities and special types of printing?