Flexo plates production | Laser Flex
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Production of photopolymer printing plates

You can have cutting edge printing equipment, use inks of the highest quality, have tons of films and corrugated cardboard in stock, but you need high-grade printing plates for high-quality printing process.


Our company manufactures photopolymer printing plates for flexography, letterpress and pad printing, spot varnishing in offset printing, embossing and hot moulding.


We use materials, equipment and technology produced by Flint Group (Germany) and ESCO Artwork (Belgium). Our Quality Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015, provides a comprehensive control over the manufacturing process.


Photopolymer plates of various rigidity on a polyester substrate with a thickness between 1.14 mm and 6.35 mm are offered for flexographic printing. For other printing types we offer plates on a polyester and steel substrate with a thickness between 0.43 mm and 1.16 mm.


Our specialists with many years of professional experience will help you determine the most suitable type of a photopolymer for specific equipment and production goals which will ensure the best printing results.


Photopolymer printing plates are the crucial link in the printing process. The work on a print run starts from the development of a layout and the production of printing plates. We will help you build a solid foundation for printing process and ensure a stable and predictable quality.

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