Flexo plates for cardboard packaging | Laser Flex
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Flexo plates for cardboard packaging

Do you want to achieve optimal printing result on any type of cardboard?



During the printing process on cardboard manufacturers face certain difficulties associated with specifications of this unpredictable material namely roughness and surface density, ink absorbency and non-uniform thickness amongst others.


Stable printing result within a run depends on a well-established control over the ink application. The more ink is absorbed, the more image loss would be incurred, as the printing ink loses brightness and changes into different colors.  The ability of corrugated cardboard to absorb ink is affected by its density, composition, cleanliness level of the raw material and type of covering. Any change of thickness would lead to dot gain and uneven ink transfer.


Photopolymer printing plates produced by digital or classic analog methods will solve many problems when printing on cardboard. Digital technology combined with nyloflex NExT technology for flat top dots (without microstructuring) makes it possible to obtain a tangible effect of streaking minimization while printing on corrugated cardboard.


Only the right combination of printing plates, inks, mounting tapes and equipment will guarantee continuous success.

Would you like to order photopolymer forms for printing cardboard packaging?