Flexo plates for printing on tubes and cups | Laser Flex
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Flexo plates for printing on tubes and cups

Ice cream, dairy products, sauces, creams, medicines and many other products are packed in tubes, cups and cans.  


While printing on packaging products with complex surface geometry the image is transferred first from a printing plate on the rubber cloth and then to the printed material.


The proposed photopolymer plates for letterpress allow seamless operation with various plastic and metal surfaces.


You will be amazed by the range of special plates for a wide variety of cases. You will get perfect impressions of the finest image details on tubes, cups and cans with saturated solids and color match within the whole print run!


Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the printing industry and amaze your customers with memorable colorful packaging?


Place an order for letterpress printing plates to achieve excellent printing results!

Would you like to order photopolymeric forms for printing on tubes and cups?