Laserflex | HD Flexo printinh plates technology
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HD Flexo

Wide range of HD Flexo plates is designed for high-quality flexo printing of labels, flexible packaging, carton and corrugated cardboard.


HD Flexo technology combines high resolution optics with special hybrid screening algorithms for achieving full tonal range that is typical for offset and gravure printing.  The high resolution of laser optical system allows us to smooth edges of dots, obtain sharper fonts and reverse elements.

Expanded tonal range allows us to get a smoother image with gently contoured edges. Advantages of high resolution optics together with HD screening are most illustrative in the highlights: a balanced combination of small and large halftone elements allows the large-sized dots to maintain the small-sized dots.  


The technology provides additional benefit on solid areas and in shadows. An image is applied from MicriCell microcells to the surface of a plate providing the uniform transfer of ink and increasing the optical density of ink layer.

1. Pre-exposure of the reverse side of a photopolymer plate.

Polymerisation of the photopolymer layer on a reverse side and formation of the substrate for the plate printed elements.

2. Image recording to the mask layer of a photopolymer plate.

Record an image with a resolution of 4000 ppi on the mask layer of the photopolymer plate.

3. Main-exposure.

Main-exposure of the working side of a photopolymer plate in the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. Relief formation.

4. Washout process.

Removal of photopolymer plate’s areas which were not exposed to polymerisation.<br />

5. Drying.

Evaporation of washout solvent which was absorbed in the relief layer.

6. Post-exposure.

Post-exposure causes complete polymerisation and gives the plate optimum hardness.

7. Finishing.

Finishing eliminates the stickiness of the plate by exposing with UVC-light. Resistance to ink solvents is obtained.

Interested in cliches made with HD Flexo technology?